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ArcLight—Your reliable technology services company. 
ArcLight offers reliable, secure, and efficient customized solutions for infrastructure and technology implementation. From managed IT services and project management to cybersecurity and compliance, our goal is to help your team improve security and efficiencies—saving your organization valuable time and money.

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Managed IT Services

The ArcLight team will manage your IT infrastructure by implementing a business continuity plan to meet todays and future needs. Partnering with ArcLight means your organization gets instant access to third-party solutions and subject matter experts. Services include: 

  • Virtual CIO
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Servers, Workstations, & Network Devices
  • Patching & Monitoring 
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • End-to-end Mail Monitoring 
  • Hardware & Software Procurement 

Cybersecurity and Compliance

Our cybersecurity and compliance team utilizes industry leaders to create an environment that will help your organization create cyber resiliency and protect its data and assets. Services include: 

  • Virtual CISO
  • Endpoint Security
  • Managed Firewall
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Antispam, Antimalware, & Antivirus 
  • Risk Awareness & Mitigation Service

IT Consulting

Partnering with the ArcLight team will help you improve performance, efficiency, and cost savings with several proven strategies across multiple industries. Services include:

  • Virtual CIO 
  • Quarterly Strategic Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Set Strategic Priorities & Key Initiatives, & Identify ROI
  • Evaluation: Current Team Skills & Alignment
  • Manage Day-to-day Technology Direction

Project Management

ArcLight provides project management services designed to meet your needs and budget. Our team has the experience and knowledge to execute your IT objectives. Services include: 

  • VCIO
  • Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Mergers & Office Moves
  • Application Rollout
  • Dashboard Design
  • Windows Deployment 
  • Process Design & Implementation

IT Expense Management

By partnering with an industry leader in vendor management, our team helps minimize manual busywork and IT overspending. Services include: 

  • Managed Mobility 
  • Telecom & Network
  • Utility & Sustainability 
  • Cloud Management
  • Service Now 
  • Managed Automation

Technology Solutions

Our team provides ongoing support to help you continuously navigate regulations and improve office efficiencies to stabilize your IT environment. Having a go-to technology expert at your disposal brings confidence and security to your organization. Services Include:

  • Payment Processing
  • Business Internet
  • 5g Wireless
  • Access Control
  • Phones
  • Audio & Visual
  • Wireless Network

Our Process

ArcLight works with you to launch the initiation phase, which includes gathering key objectives, issues, and goals. We also look at the number of users, the organization’s locations, and how IT changes will impact these areas. This lays the groundwork for a successful plan that we can build on.

The discovery phase will consist of two components–business and technical. The business phase tells us how you utilize items such as email, computers,  and applications daily. During the technical phase, we look at servers, firewalls, storage, antivirus, and all other aspects of your IT environment. 

During this phase, we will discuss the discovery phase findings by addressing and prioritizing uncovered concerns. We will present different packages and the solutions we recommend. 

We identify the key stakeholders and other resources that will need to be a part of the communication process throughout the project. 

We provide ongoing support and are relentless in helping you solve even the most complex technology challenges. We uncover years of IT band-aids and diligently strategize to permanently solve the problem. At the end of the day, failure is not an option. We are determined to initiate, organize, and execute detailed plans from start to completion.