Data Center Solutions


ArcLight Solutions is your expert, go-to partner for identifying, evaluating, and solving data center and IT challenges. We skillfully help you navigate the complexities of mergers and acquisitions. From audits and assessments to migrations and decommissions, our mission is to provide reliable and efficient solutions, saving your organization valuable time and money. 

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Audits & Assessments

IT audits and assessments identify all hardware components that make up your IT network and determine the value. Our extensive experience has helped us develop a systematic approach: initiation, planning, execution, and closeout. Our detailed and documented assessment provides a benchmark of where your assets are today, enabling you to make strategic financial and technological decisions for the future. For more information on audits and assessments.  

Consultation & Support

When your business is about to embark on a groundbreaking venture or go through inevitable changes, understanding your IT assets, capabilities, and needs allows you to make informed decisions. Partnering with ArcLight’s IT experts allows for a collaborative approach to support planning or assistance with the labor-intensive adjustments your internal team may need.

Decommissioning Guidance

Properly following a decommissioning plan is vital when IT assets are old, outdated, or no longer cost-effective to utilize. A thorough and secure plan ensures relevant data is not lost and legal, compliance, and regulatory requirements are met. Many organizations do not have an internal IT team to ensure meeting the necessary decommissioning guidelines while also maintaining services. The ArcLight team provides a detailed approach to help your organization complete a decommission with sufficient backup and minimal interruptions.  

Merger & Acquisition Strategies

Our ArcLight team specializes in the detailed organization and execution of IT strategies during the consolidation or sale of IT assets. When organizations merge with or acquire another company, IT assets immediately become part of the negotiations. From the value of existing assets to the cost of conversion, our ArcLight team becomes your team, ensuring the due diligence checklist is complete.

Relocation & Migration Plans

The ArcLight team invests significant time to help create a functional and detailed plan tailored for your data center relocation and cloud migration. A methodical execution of the plan is critical to minimize risk and downtime. We assist in creating a budget, identifying risks, auditing inventory, reviewing warranties, and scheduling the move. Additionally, we account for staffing, cooling, and power needs, hardware and software assets, and other challenges potentially impacting your budget and outcomes. Our goal is to provide a seamless transition with optimal operational stability.